Violent Seed

Violent Seed is a classic overhead shooter in a 3D environment. Fly your alien spacecraft recklessly through populated cites at choose-your-path decision points and multiple flight altitudes, with speeds exceeding the sound barrier. You are the lone alien craft that has broken through earth’s defences. Interactive backgrounds allow for special targeting of objects and let players pick up items like cars and people, and then use them as bombs on other objects in the game. Players can wreak havoc on recognizable landmarks such as Paris, Washington D.C. and New York. There are five different player weapons each with multiple stage power-ups and 10 levels of action.


3D generated video sequences. Managed geometry and textures for each level. Built various characters and background items. Development of Game design.


Top down shooter. Full Sceen explosions and effects. Real-time lighting and shadows. Multiple alpha channel animated effects. Interactive 3D environment. Huge end bosses.


Year 1997
Genre Action/Shooter
Platform Windows and Playstation
Developer Rabid Entertainment
Publisher Unpublished
Job Title Senior Artist