list of projects


Can you finish the challenging tasks given by the TaskMaker? A sophisticated game engine combined with rich set of gaming scripts and robust dialogs.

Adventure RPG


Ready for the ultimate rush? Detailed animation sequences provide unparalleled realism upon the bone-shattering crash sequences!


Shape Shifter

An Action Adventure game with a twist. Time-based power-ups regenerate the players abilities which allow you to transform into different creatures.

Action Adventure

Camp California

Travel across California to get the band back together. Music composed by The Beach Boys. Sequel to Yo'Bro.


Beyond Shadowgate

Beyond Shadowgate takes the Shadowgate series to the next level. Each and every background has been hand-painted and re-invented down to the detail.

Action Adventure

Rocko's Modern Life

Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon. Original line drawings used from Joe Murray studios to animate Rocko and his friends. The first game developed by Viacom for a game console.

Action Puzzle-Solving

Nickelodeon Guts

Do do do do you have it? Play the actual contestants previously on the hit Nickelodeon TV show. Go solo or head to head with your friends on the Aggro-crag!


Afraid of the Dark

Based off the hit Nickelodeon show. Rich storylines draw the player deep into the game. Beware! this game might be scarier than it appears.


Beavis and Butthead

Time is a beautiful thing to waste! Turn up your volume for this mulit-award winning title.


Little Thingies

A collection seven of arcade games developed by Viacom New Media. Based on MTV's hit Beavis and Butt-Head cartoon.

Action Strategy

Mtv's Slamscape

A fast-paced and fluid 3D environment using music to power you vehicle. This game is designed for speed junkies!


Violent Seed

You are the enemy! Fly your alien spacecraft over detailed landscapes to blow up the White House


Floigan Brothers

Always an adventure in the Junkyard caring for your dim-witted brother Moigle, keeping him out of mischief. Real-time 3D environments combined with slapstick comedy.

Action Adventure


Your friends are trapped in the amusement park. Twist and turn while exploring the dark and eerie dark corners of Carnivalé.

Action Adventure

Blues Clues

Based off of the hit Nickelodeon TV show, explore Blue’s world in a simple click and show interface. Designed for children to quickly learn and have fun!