The world has plunged into depression and devastation…the once mighty Kingdom is no longer. You set out upon your life long pursuit – to restore order and prosperity to the Kingdom. Having no experience, training, or money, you seek out the TaskMaker, one of the few powers left in the world, to help you. Under his guidance, you must explore lands, caves and castles to complete the 10 tasks the TaskMaker assigns. Tasks are unique and gradually increase in difficulty as you unlock secrets, communicate with people, and fight with monsters. Successfully complete all 10 tasks and you will be rewarded with the title of Master of the Land. Masters are given the power to change the game’s world and environment to suite their own preferences. Prove yourself honorable and gain the wisdom necessary for true freedom!





Adventure RPG




Storm/Impact Inc


XOR Corporation

Job Title

Lead Artist

  • First Storm/Impact product
  • World and Game Designer
  • Designer of front-end interface, environments, characters and animation
  • Illustrated box cover artwork, in game graphics and interstitials
  • Created logo and branding
  • Original game published in B&W
  • Upgraded to 8 bit color in less than a year

Over 200 characters and 300 items Spells, Monsters, Puzzles, and Potions. Over one-hundred million pixels of land to explore. Advanced character logic. Robust character dialogue. Complex battle sequences and turn-based game play. Unlimited Inventory. Delivered on two 720k Floppies. Digitized sound effects. 2bit and 4bit color versions. Multi-directional scrolling backgrounds. Addictive Game play!


"Shareware game of the year"
-Inside Mac Games 1991.

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Intro - Black and White Version
Mid-Game Color Version
Final Level - Color Version