MTV's Slamscape

SlamScape puts fast action game-play inside an interactive soundtrack by the alternative rock band God Lives Underwater. Careen headlong at 60 frames per second through five surreal levels. Just remember, nothing is as it seems in this deranged collection of brain-wrenching, hi-octane action scenarios. Rocket through waves of enemy Regenerates in your lighting fast Slam Jet, fighting off numerous freaks and foes, and sometimes even using them to your own advantage (if you use your head).

Blast and Ram into anything and everything in your quest to free the four volunteer ids trapped in each region, each held captive by one of four uncompromising Regenerates. You won’t succeed if you don’t maintain your energy level along the way by collecting the multi-colored NRG nodes strewn throughout the levels. Just about every action you make has musical repercussions- not only are you in complete control over where you go, but you also control what you hear and when you hear it!

Maybe you’re not ready… but with MTV’s SlamScape, you’re strapped in anyway!







PC and Playstation


Viacom New Media


Viacom International

Job Title

Senior Artist

  • First 3D game developed for MTV
  • Two T.V. commercials
  • Original audio zoning design
  • 3D modeled various characters and background items

Unique game mechanics. Driving, shooting and slamming. Real-Time 3D environments. Blazing fast 60 frames per second. Original music by God Lives Underwater. Interactive soundtracks and sound effects. 360 degree of free-movement. Advanced character behavior. Virtual lifeform artificial intelligence. Ultimate re-playability factor.


"E3 best special FX"
– Sony Interactive 1996

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