MTV's Beavis and Butthead Little Thingies

Cheap Clicks. A unique collection of fast paced, addictive mini-games that feature cool dudes, like us, doing cool crap, like throwing food or watching TV or hocking loogies or , uh, other cool stuff. Embark on a quest by helping Beavis and Butthead avoid things that suck and find things that are cool.

Mini Games

Bug Justice involves players using a magnifying glass to roast bugs in the sun while Court Chaos puts players in control of a tennis-ball machine where they attempt to hit passersby between the eyes (or in the groin) for extra points. Change It requires players to watch nine television screens and only click the remote on channels “that don’t suck.” Wrecked ‘em Ball finds the boys raiding a condemned nacho factory for some food, trying to avoid wrecking balls and other nasty obstacles. Hock-a-Loogie is a game in which players try to spit on pedestrians from stories above and Air Guitar allows players to enjoy some tunes on the boys’ favorite instrument. Last, but not least, Thank You Drive Thru is a game in which players must serve customers at the local burger joint in a minimal amount of time.





Action Strategy




Viacom New Media


Viacom International

Job Title

Lead Artist

  • Two T.V. commercials
  • Continuation of mini-game concept
  • Designed three new mini-games
  • Animated main characters and villains
  • Hand painted backgrounds

Exciting, fast paced, addictive gameplay. Three new mini-games.

  • Thank you drive through
  • Wrecked em Ball
  • Change it

Including four of the mini-games from the best-selling MTV’s Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity game.

Mini Game - Court Chaos
Mini Game - Hock-a-loogie
Game Play Thru - German Version