Blues Clues

The most popular TV star among  preschool kids is finally getting her own Nintendo game along with a new look to “Steve”. Blue, Steve, and the rest of the cast explore Blue’s world to find specific items, but they need your help. Join in the fun by directing Blue and playing games at each of the neighborhood locations. At the Music Store, Blue makes music by picking instruments and trying them out. The Library is a place to learn about the alphabet by matching books to shelves with letters on them. In the kitchen, Blue and her friends, Salt and Pepper, play a game of making and baking pastries. The backyard provides an opportunity to learn how to count, while the Grocery Store is the forum for exploring colors, sizes, and relational concepts.







Nintendo 64


Terraglyph Interactive


Mattel Interactive

Job Title

Lead Artist

  • Close collaboration with Nickelodeon Studios
  • Generated world environments
  • Puzzle creation
  • Main character animation
  • First 3D animated model of  “Steve.”

Adventure mode. Based on hit TV show Blue’s Clues. Explore with Blue, Steve, and the show’s cast. Game play follows show format. Solve tough puzzles with well-timed clues. Reinforces real-world concepts. Problem-solving activities. Discover hundreds of click-able surprises.