MTV's Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity

The game lets you aid television’s dumbest duo in their bungled efforts to impress Todd and win membership into his gang of juvenile delinquents. The plot takes them through a tumultuous journey which revolves around a typical Beavis and Butt-head plot. Before the game is over they will crash a Save-the-Whales meeting, play with electricity, escape from jail and make 1,001 jokes about human anatomy and bodily functions. In the end you have a very funny game.









Viacom International


XOR Corporation

Job Title

Senior Artist

Video and Cut Scenes
Full Game
  • Three T.V Commercials seen by over 1.5 million viewers 
  • Howard Stern Show – August 23,1995
  • Senior artist of environments
  • Initial sketch and idea generation
  • Final art for backgrounds
  • Character animation
  • Mini game concept
  • Hit major project milestones
  • Delivered product on desired due date
  • Original dialog performed by Mike Judge
  • Over 100,000 units sold

Based on the #1 MTV show. Adventure, story-telling and problem-solving. Dialogue composed by writers of the show. Voice talent by Mike Judge. Voice of Beavis and Butt-head. Captured essence of the show.


"Editor’s choice"
– PC Gamers 1995 

"Best Adventure Game"
– PC Gamers 1995
"Special Achievement in Dialogue"
– PC Gamers 1995 

"#1 Windows 95 CD-ROM Game"
– Microsoft 1995

"#1 Top 10 Downloads"
– Happy Puppy January 1996

"Video Game & Computer title of the year"
– Digital Hollywood Awards February 1996

"#4 Top 10 Best selling games"
– News Net March 1996

"100 Best Discs Ever"
– CD-ROM Today July 1996

"#6 E3 Top 25 PC Games"
– August 1996 

"50 best games ever"
– PC Gamers Vol.4 No.5 1997

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