Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse. Unfold a classic ghost story in this unique storytelling game…. You are a brother and sister team trapped inside a haunted theatre. You discover Orpheo, the Mad Magician, has put an evil curse on it…. or so you think. Dare to explore this ghoulish theatre as you search for clues to unlock the mystery. Remember…surprise await you at every turn. During the height of Vaudeville in the 1920′s, the showman magician Orpheo the Great was so popular that he opened his own huge theatre. Orpheo dazzle the audience with his spectacular shows of skillful illusion. Every night crowds poured into his theatre drawn by the mystery of magic. That is until one fateful night…







Windows and Mac


Viacom New Media


Viacom International

Job Title

Senior Artist

Intro Song and Gameplay
Retro Replay Review
Gamplay Sequences
  • Creation of easy-to-use-interface
  • Illustrated inventory items.
  • Trained and coordinated tasks to staff.

Eerie, mystery style adventure. Creepy world of thrills and suspense. Self-paced game mechanics. Free-roaming multi-layered world. Interact with cast and characters of Are You Afraid of the Dark? State-of-the-art animation. Realistic 3D rendered images. Untangle the plot for hours, endless game play. Intuitive interface. Originally produced video. Digitally scored soundtrack. Edge of your seat effects.


"Parents Choice Award"
– Newsweek 1995.

"Editors Choice Award"
– Parent’s Guide 1996.

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