Suncom Joystick

The ultimate computer joystick. Program both control stick movements and button controls. Makes your FX3000 compatible with virtually any Mac games. Program the control stick to emulate your mouse or keyboards commands. Choose from nine different modes and four customizable fire buttons. Program each button to react in any of five ways when pressed. Create, modify, and save your own application sets for specific games. Or, choose from the pre-programmed sets included for many of today’s most popular games.


Control panel, driver and settings. Prior to 1995, Suncom manufactured joysticks only for machines other than the Apple Macintosh. Along with Suncom’s new hardware they needed a complete software package to make the joysticks Mac compatable. The software was carefully designed to fully meet Macintosh standards, and to make it easy to use right out of the box.


Macintosh compatable. Up to four programable buttons and nine different modes. 360 degree movement. Ergonomic design. Non-slip suction cup base.


Year 1995
Category Hardware
Platform Macintosh
Developer Storm/Impact, Inc
Publisher Suncom
Job Title Lead Artist