Smart Actions™

Optimize your life! Take full advantage of your smartphone. Whether you want to maximize the last ounce of power or simply see your music app as soon as you plug in your headphones, SMART ACTIONS can help. This unique application lets you take control and mastermind your phone's settings and actions in an infinate number of combinations. Whether you want to extend your battery life or get help staying focused on the road when you’re behind the wheel. The app is also intuitive. SMART ACTIONS will offer up suggestions for different settings changes based on how you use your phone. It's your life, let Smart Actions optimize your phone around it.


Winner of “Core 77 Design Awards” – 2012. “Digital Design Winner” – June 8 2012. Designed user interface and initial concepts. Coordinate and oversee design workshops. Work with offsite and offshore developers in California, Indianapolis, India and China.


SMARTACTIONS will extend your battery life. Multiple battery saving rules are included in the application.
• Battery Extender - recognizes when your phone is sitting idle.
• Low Battery Saver - changes settings to conserve what’s left.

SMARTACTIONS can make changes based on location and When certain Wi-Fi connections are recognized. For example, arriving at your office could prompt putting your ringer on silent and pulling up that productivity app that really gets things done.

SMARTACTIONS is intuitive. As you go about your day, it learns how you interact with your phone and makes suggestions that help you spend less time managing your smartphone and more time enjoying it.


Year 2011
Category Mobile
Platform Android
Developer Motorola
Publisher Motorola
Job Title UX Designer