Things have grown dark in the land of Krellion. The source of all good things, five powerful wizards known as “The Ring of Five,” have disappeared. Three evil beings from the shadow realm — three Dark Ones – have kidnapped and hidden the Ring of Five. And now, as the summer equinox approaches, the Dark Ones threaten to break the barrier separating Krellion from the shadow realm and cast Krellion into darkness forever. Only one warrior, Lykos, can rescue the Ring of Five, destroy the Dark Ones and restore Krellion to the beautiful place it once was.


"Top 10 best Turbo Grafx games," – Turbo Play 1992. 16 month development cycle. First time parallax scrolling technique used on Turbo Grafx machine. Developed product from start to finish. Designer of course layouts, interface, character development and animation. Mentored team of artists.


Super CD ROM. American and Japanese versions. Awesome graphics and CD quality sound. Live actors voices. Eye-catching creatures and terrains. Ability to change into multiple creatures. Unique sun and moon meter, which displays day passing into night. Multi-Scrolling backgrounds. 40 original backgrounds.


Year 1991
Genre Action Adventure
Platform Turbo Grafx-CD
Developer Icom Simulations, Inc
Publisher NEC
Job Title Lead Artist