Rocko's Modern Life

He’s your dog, he’s your problem.” Rocko’s just an average Australian Wallaby trying to get by in life, but he’s hindered by the antics of his not-so-bright pooch, Spunky. Spunky gets himself into lots of trouble, chasing down errant flying disks, amorous mops, ice cream vendors, and other odd objects. Since Spunky is more bark than brains, he doesn’t watch where he’s going when he’s chasin’ after things. It’s up to Rocko – and – you – to keep him out of trouble by clearing the path in front of him, knocking pests, debris, and other nuisances out of his way. You get Spunky out of trouble and out of each level by leading him to the Golden Fire Hydrants.


Two Commercials. Eight month development cycle. Lead Artist. Close collaboration with Joe Murray Studios. Game release came at same time cartoon debuted. First game by Nickelodeon Studios.


First Super NES game for Nickelodeon. Based on T.V. cartoon characters. Voices actors from Joe Murray Studios. Squash and stretch animation. Combination of action and puzzle-solving. Innovative game play and end sequence. Rich multi-media graphics.


Year 1994
Genre Action Puzzle-Solving
Platform Super NES
Developer Viacom New Media
Publisher Viacom International
Job Title Lead Artist