Right Paint

Microsoft Windows gave you a graphical user interface. This program gives you a graphical outlet for your creativity. Which, after hours of taking care of serious business, can be satisfying, stimulating, and fun. There’s an artist in you with talent. Rightpaint brings it out. Along with a palette of 256 colors, you get a plethora of painting tools to produce fantastic pictures on your phosphor-coated tube. In other words, we’ve optimized Rightpaint for Windows and made it perfect for people who aren’t professional artists. Because Rightpaint is designed for Windows, you don’t pay for bells and whistles you can’t use. What you do pay for is the feature-rich paint program that runs under Windows for every Windows user. That’s left brain logic with right brain appeal.


Designed User Interface. Creation of Icons. Clip art database. Original artwork on packaging materials.


VGA color Modes. Advanced color dithering. Optimized for 256 colors. Full editing of current shapes. Imports TGA, GIF and PICT files. Supports multiple document formats. Multiple zoom levels. Auto-scrolling windows. Multiple tear-off palettes. Prints to any Windows printer.


Year 1992
Category Graphics
Platform Windows
Developer Icom Simulations, Inc
Publisher Icom Simulations, Inc
Job Title Lead Artist