Mobile AFIS™

Fingerprints are the most powerful and accurate biometric technology available today. Fingerprints continue to provide positive identification in criminal, civil, and commercial environments.Mobile AFIS provides the ability to expand and receive greater value from existing systems by offering access and information to a mobile workforce. Providing seamless mobility to help prevent crimes, minimize fraud and protect the public safety. The real return on your investment is the ability to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Motorola Mobile AFIS offers real-time access to information for a seamlessly wireless workforce. The user-friendly fingerprint technology that delivers the power of positive identification – plus speed, accuracy and reliability.


Designed user interface. Icons and media. Work with offshore developers in India. First mobile biometric device for field work.


Built in biometric scanner. User-friendly fringerprint technology. Portable form factor. Helps prevent crimes, minimize fraud and protect the public safety. Real-time access to crimial record databases.


Year 2004
Category Public Safety
Platform Windows CE
Developer Motorola
Publisher Motorola
Job Title Lead Artist