Take a break and have some fun. Start right here. Buy the screen saver that protects your screen while giving you a whole bundle of fun reasons to sit in front of your computer and do absolutely nothing. Want to pursue aquatic activities during lulls in your work load? Then stop fishing around for a better screensaver. Intermission comes with sushi-filled modules for your delight and entertainment. Ever wish you had a free afternoon to visit a few galleries and museums? With Intermission, you’ll pursue artistic endeavors without leaving your desk. Which makes taking time off a lot easier.


Created several screensaver modules. Animation. Clip art database.


Over 55 animated modules. Full password protection. Support for networking. Network-wide password protection. System CPU activity monitoring. Sound support. User-defined screen sequences. Instant sleep feature. Custom screen creation. Imports over screen savers. Real-time module configuration. Developer’s kit included.


Year 1992
Category Entertainment
Platform Windows
Developer Icom Simulations, Inc
Publisher Icom Simulations, Inc
Job Title Lead Artist