Nickelodeon Guts

“Tighten your helmet.” The game stays true to the series by focusing on personal achievements in an Olympic style competition. Competitors must climb, flip, and slam-dunk their way towards their personal best and the GUTS championship. Players participate in intense competition in the Extreme Arena, moving from one event to another. The game goes beyond the TV program by enabling kids to execute extraordinary maneuvers in an even more extreme environment.


Two T.V Commercials. Huge player module was designed to create full range of life-like motion. Handled pre-production of video shoot. Developed and implemented new techniques in digital rotoscoping. Designed interface graphics for the game. Rented Nickelodeon Studios for three day shoot. Hired professional camera and stunt men. Captured live footage of motion to capture the feel of the show.


Seven events based on the TV show. Two skill levels. Two player simultaneous play. Kids and staff from show. Innovative rotoscope animation. New level of realism and smoothness.


Year 1994
Genre Action
Platform Super NES
Developer Viacom New Media
Publisher Viacom International
Job Title Lead Artist