Floigan Brothers

Large and lovable Moigle has a Secret Project that will keep the greedy Baron Malodorous and his gang of Mercenary Cats from taking over the Floigan Junkyard. Unfortunately, Moigle has lost the parts he needs to complete his project so he must enlist the help of his quick-witted older brother, Hoigle. Together, the Floigan Brothers play games and solve puzzles, all while defending their family turf! Hoigle must work with Moigle to accomplish many tasks. Moigle, on the other hand, is more frequently interested in playing games or eating. By playing with Moigle, Hoigle can eventually teach him the skills he needs to get the job done.


T.V. commercial. First “trade your character” over the internet. Time based themes. Creation of 3D environments. Geometry construction and texture mapping. Development of design spec and overall game design. Texture mapping main characters.


Internet ready. Advanced artificial intelligence. Emotional-state AI engine. Allows Moigle to behave like a real character. 13 areas of junkyard to explore. Sub-zone game areas. Teach Moigle new abilities. Carry abilities from episode to episode. Trade your Moigle to someone else. Download new items to keep the game fresh. Dozens of mini-games.


Year 1998
Genre Action Adventure
Platform Sega Dreamcast
Developer Visual Concepts
Publisher Sega of America
Job Title Senior Artist