Motorola CSR

Motorola’s Customer Service Request System (CSR) helps deliver a high standard of non-emergency service throughout the community. Responding to the needs of your citizens has never been easier. Designed specifically for local government, the CSR system facilitates the handling of citizen service requests and automates associated workflow processes. The system allows citizens to access government services for various non-emergency requests and enables your department to respond to these requests in a timely, efficient manner. Citizens can count on having an efficient, knowledgeable point of contact for all types of services and information.


Designed user interface. Icons and media. Work with offsite developers in Shalamar, FL.


Non-emergency service for public reporting. Automated work flows. Access to goverment services. Direct point of contact for services and information.


Year 2003
Category Public Safety
Platform Windows
Developer Motorola
Publisher Motorola
Job Title Lead Artist