Camp California

The Big Cheese is threatening to build a nuclear plant on the beach! The only way to save the day is for Byron and his fellow beachin’ dudes to get the band together and raise enough money to buy it back! However, the Big Cheese knows about your plan and he’s prepared to stop you with every dirty trick in the book! In each stage, you get to choose one of five characters to fight the enemies in that area. You must travel from city to city, collecting metal can which you can recycle so you can refuel your car and save the beach. It’s like watching cartoon characters on TV. The CD-quality music includes the opening theme and cool tunes by the Beach Boys. It’s always summertime at home with Camp California. Rock on!


Five month development cycle. Managed media library. Converted graphics optimizing system. Graphic touch up.


Super CD ROM. Music by the Beach Boys. Awesome graphics and CD quality sound. Live actors voices. Multi-Scrolling backgrounds.


Year 1992
Genre Action
Platform Turbo Grafx-CD
Developer Icom Simulations, Inc
Publisher NEC
Job Title Lead Artist