list of projects

Paylocity Mobile

Access to your payroll, time off, work directories, company information and more! First Paylocity application developed for iOS and Android.


Smart Actions

Automate your life. Award-winning software software than learns your daily routine. Launched with the Motorola Droid RAZR.


Mobile AFIS

Offers real-time access to fingerprint databases. Fingerprints are the most powerful and accurate biometric technology available today.


Motorola CSR

Delivers non-emergency services to the general public. Access to government services and to create non-emergency requests.

Public Safety

Handheld Citations

State-of-the-art electronic citation system; designed to increase public safety efficiency, minimize redundant data entry, and improve citation data integrity.



Robust compression and encrytion technology. Increase your departments security by adding this turn-key hardware and software solution.

Public Safety

Premier Handheld

Secure transmission from data centers oout to the field. Encrypted using the latest AES protocol. Allowing officers to easily collaborate with anyone connected to the system.


Premier MDC

Real-time communication of mission critical data to field personnel through tight integration of dispatch, state databases and records management systems.

Public Safety

Virtual Control Head

Control sirens, lights, and radar from a single touch screen. Extremely versatile; physical connections to devices within the vehicle, custom labeling and placement of the touch screen buttons.

Public Safety


Provides officers, EMS, firemen, and field services access to maps, patient information, reports and fire inspections. Wireless solution for the transfer of files and applications.

Public Safety


A messaging application designed for the TX protocol. Enabling communication between mobile and central dispatch over Motorola’s Private DataTAC™ network.

Public Safety

Technical Snapshot

A support tool and text viewer rolled up into one. Fast, accurate and complete information about a user's installed hardware. Snapshots can be emailed, printed, and faxed.


Suncom Joystick

The ultimate computer joystick. Program all control stick movements and button controls. Compatible with virtually any Mac game. Nine different modes.



Take a break and have some fun. Protect your screen while giving you a whole bundle of fun reasons to sit in front of your computer and do absolutely nothing.



Unleash the artist inside you! Chocked full of robust painting tools to produce fantastic pictures. That's left brain logic with right brain appeal.