Mobile Information Management Software. With the advent of mobile computing there is an increasing need for essential information to be transferred to and from the mobile computer. AirMobile provides officers, EMS personnel, firemen, field service and other mobile users with access to up-to-date files such as maps, patient information, reports, latest fire inspections, etc. It does this by providing a method for administrators to maintain the latest version of these files on the mobile computer hard drive through a Wireless Local Area Network ( WLAN ). Updates can occur simultaneously, allowing multiple vehicles to enter and leave the WLAN coverage area at the same time. AirMobile practically eliminates the need to take an entire fleet of vehicles into the shop and out of service for information updates. The Wireless Solution for the transfer of files and application upgrades.


User Interface design. All media and imagery. Branding and logo design.


Wirelessly transfer files and application upgrades. Automatic updates within WLAN network. Secure and private network.


Year 2001
Category Public Safety
Platform Windows
Developer Motorola
Publisher Motorola
Job Title Lead Artist