Developing new software experiences is a passion of mine. The work has ranged from video game development to enterprise level applications. I love human-computer interaction. Many challenges face this industry and a recent demand on executing simple and intuitive interfaces has begun. I admire simple, elegant, and innovative solutions. I have gained the knowledge to deliver on these types of features.


I’ve had the opportunity to work on many unique projects such as developing front ends for paint programs, joystick controller software, and building beautiful web sites. I graduated with honors and received many scholarships. When in college, my focus was on strong well rounded education majoring in commercial Illustration with an emphasis on design and painting. I loved to paint, especially with water colors, acrylic, gouache, and oils. My professional background has ranged from game developer, artist, designer, producer and user experience engineer.

Game Development

Early in my career, my friend and I started a company called Storm Impact. We would work all night using two Apple IIci computers and a year and a half later published three titles, two adventure and one sports game. The sports game ( MacSki) was one of the first 4bit color games available on the Market and well received “Best Sports game of the year”- Macworld. I poured my heart and soul into it with success. When the company was young, everything was hands on, I created brand imagery, media, and illustrating the box cover art for production.